Washer / Dryer Repair

Your washer and dryer are a powerful team that works tirelessly to keep your clothes clean and dry. So, it’s no surprise that, from time to time, they break down and need some extra care. If you live in the Wyoming area, then have the top appliance repair service on your side.


Basic DIY Tools

While we recommend a repair service for more complex repairs, there are certain things that you can do on your own to maintain your appliance.

  • Cleaning the drain filter: This should be performed once a month. It takes less than five minutes and could help you avoid flooding and unnecessary damages later on.


  • Hot Cycle: Over time, a dirt film will build up inside the machine. This can result in your clothes not being washed properly or even causing them to smell musty. Run a hot cycle in an empty machine once a month to properly clean the washer.

As small as these tips are, these can add years to your appliances’ life.


When to Call Us


Not Turning On

Ensure that everything is plugged in properly and even switch the outlet, if necessary. If these don’t get your machine up and running, then you should contact us as soon as possible.



If there are clogs in the machine, this could explain the overheating. The machine should cool off before any inspections are carried out, so turn it off and leave it be for a while. Once it’s cooled down, check the lint filter and vent for any blockages. Clean it out and see if the overheating continues. If it does, then call us. The thermostat or heating coils may need servicing.

Drum Won’t Spin

The dryer belt may be broken, in this instance. The motor may also need replacing, as well as the roller. Give us a call and we can help you find the proper replacement parts for an affordable price.


Excess Noise

Noise coming from a washing machine is normal. It indicates that the machine is running. However, if this is an out of character occurrence or if you hear any knocking or banging, then there is a problem. Before calling us, check to see if you haven’t overloaded the machine. Also, make sure that there aren’t any loud or oddly shaped items in the machine, such as shoes or spare change.


Should I Pursue Professional Repairs?

We can be reached by phone, email or the “Contact” button on our site. We are standing by to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We will offer you affordable prices, great service and will have the dynamic duo of your home up and running in no time.