Oven Repair

When it comes to ovens, the most common issues we hear about are the ignition or the heating parts of the appliance. Malfunctioning ovens make baking, cooking or defrosting difficult, if not impossible. We understand that you need this issue solved immediately.

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Why is it malfunctioning?

There are many reasons for an oven to go on the fritz. It could be anything from the heating element to the gas line needing repairs. If the repair is a complex one, do not attempt to do this yourself. Specialized tools are required and, if the repair is done improperly, could cause more problems with your appliance. It could also put you and your family in danger. Hiring a professional will save you time, money and convenience.


Common Issues


Heating Issues

The ignition may be compromised, or the heater may be faulty. If the oven’s range is also not heating, then professional repairs are in order. Most importantly, exit the building immediately if you smell gas.


Door Won’t Close

This could point to many things. The door sensor, springs, and gaskets could need replacing.


Not Self-Cleaning

If your oven can self-clean, but the cycle isn’t performing as it should, then you may need to install some new parts. These parts range anywhere from a new door locking monitor to a new thermostat.

Is a replacement in order?

Ovens enjoy the most longevity compared to any other household appliance. If you tend to it carefully, it can last around fifteen years. However, if the oven is beyond fifteen years old, then it needs replacing. We can help you, not only with choosing a new oven but with the installations as well. Give us a call to get started on your repairs and installations