Ice Maker Repair

An ice maker is insanely convenient, especially if it comes built into your refrigerator. No need to waste time filling ice trays or keeping huge bags of ice on hand. So, when it decides to take a vacation without advising you, it can cause a lot of frustration. But don’t fret. Our technicians are highly skilled when it comes to repairing ice makers, no matter the type.


Give us a Call

Our technicians are a warm and friendly bunch, and they love interacting with new customers. However, if the issue is small enough that you can solve it yourself, there is no need to call us. Here are some common issues and how you can deal with them.


Pause Button

As silly as it sounds, it is possible that someone accidentally pressed the pause button on the machine. Also, check to make sure that the ice bin isn’t full. The ice machine will pause itself if it senses that the bin is full.



As counterintuitive as it sounds if the temperature is too cold, then the water will freeze before it can be released as ice cubes. Consult the owner’s manual to see what temperature is recommended for your model of ice maker.


Arm Adjustments

In normal cases, the arm moves as the bin fills with ice. As soon as the bin is full, the arm pauses. Double-check how full the bin is before giving us a call.


Filters Need to Be Cleaned

No ice will be produced if the filter is clogged with debris or dirt. Consult the owner’s manual for the best way to clean the filter.


Valves that Need Replacing

This is where we specialize. If cleaning isn’t doing anything, then the valve has reached the end of its lifespan and needs replacing.


Turn Off the Machine

To make sure that the water line has not frozen, then turn off the machine, as well as the water. To make things go a little faster, use a hairdryer at a lower setting and use that to heat the waterline. Do not let the hairdryer come into contact with the water. If freezing is the issue, the machine should be back up and running as soon as the water and power are turned back on. If nothing turns on or if the water is a strange color, then give us a call.


Low Ice

If the ice machine is not doing the one thing that it’s meant to do, then something is clogged or beginning to freeze. Use the above tips.



Look at:

  • The refrigerator is standing on a level surface
  • No damage or blockages in the lines
  • Everything is properly aligned

If all of these are in order, then contact us. Leaks will get worst and cause you more problems in the future.

You can click on the “Contact” button at the bottom of the page, as well as call us by phone. We are waiting to give you advice on how to get your ice machine back in working order.