Freezer Repair

Freezers are essential appliances in the household. Despite seeming like it will be producing ice forever, there comes a time where it will begin to suffer. In this case, the top repair service in Wyoming is right there to guide you. We do not recommend that you attempt these repairs yourselves and, instead, turn to a professional that will help get your appliance back on track as soon as possible.


Here are a few common signs that your freezer needs servicing:


Strange Noises

If you are alarmed by the sounds that your freezer is making, you need to get your freezer looked at. Any knocking or banging sounds are not normal and could point to the evaporator coil as the source of the problem.


Freezer is Extra Frosty

In this case, the temperature setting may be too low. Make sure that the setting is no lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is fine, then look at the location of the frost. Any frost near the door means that the latter is not closing properly. The gasket may also need replacing. If the frost is clustering towards the back, then the defrost cycle needs to be looked at.



If only a few drops of water are pooling, that could easily be explained away by a melted ice cube. However, an excessive amount could mean that the appliance isn’t draining properly. A valve or water line leakage could also be to blame.


Not Turning On

If the freezer is not working, despite the power light being on, then there may be an issue with the power line. Is it plugged in properly? Is the outlet functioning properly? If you’ve checked all these things and there’s no difference, then close the freezer and give us a call. We can help you replace the controls.



Too Warm

The temperature should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This is something that you can adjust manually. Also, if the freezer is too packed, try and remove a few items. In an ideal scenario, your freezer should be between 70-85% full. This allows for cold air to stay within the space and allow for circulation. Also, ensure that no vents are blocked.

Where the freezer is placed is also important. The temperature surrounding the appliance should be between 55-110 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer will have to work harder to regulate its temperature, otherwise.


Call Us

There’s no point in wasting time guessing what the problem with your freezer is. Call us as soon as possible and we’ll send a technician out to your place to help you with your next course of action.