Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers have one basic function: clean the dirty dishes that you enjoyed your favorite dinner on. However, sometimes they can be more than a little finicky. If you notice that your dishes are coming out exactly as they went in or if you can hear your dishwasher from the other room, then you may want to consider getting it serviced. Contact Matthew’s Appliance Repair so that you can get this issue fixed as soon as possible.


Let’s make a list of the most common issues that our customers come to us with:


Dirty Dishes

This is something that you can easily fix yourself. Simply make sure that you’ve scraped off any excess residual food before placing your dishes in the dishwasher. Also, there may be too many dishes in at the same time.


No Power

Out of the many sounds that a dishwasher might make, humming should not one of them. If you are hearing that instead of the cycle starting, or if it won’t start at all, then you need to give the professionals a call.


Water Not Rising

Make sure that the lock has been properly put in place. The dishwasher won’t start unless it is in the right position. If the lock is not the issue, then it could be an indication that something is blocked or that there might be another problem altogether. A good first step is to give Matthew’s Appliance Repair a call.


Water Rising Too Much

Just like the above issue, giving the professionals a call is a good first step. Too much water could indicate an issue with the timer, float switch or one of the inlet valves. It is highly recommended that you not try this on your own.



No Drainage

There are a few steps you can take on your own. The first thing you do is check to see that there aren’t any blockages in the drain. If the drain is clear, then the filter may need cleaning or a new one altogether. If all else fails, then a consultation with us would be a good next step.



An easy step you can do on your own is to put a lighter load of dishes in the machine. If this doesn’t solve anything, then turn it off and call us.


Door Not Closing

The cycle won’t begin unless the door is closed properly. Simply push it into place as firmly as you can. If the door still won’t close, despite your best efforts, then the latch needs replacing. Give us a call!


Can Hear it From the Next Room

It is not normal that someone on the second floor of your house can tell that your dishes are being washed. Call us for a professional consultation if this becomes an issue. Make sure that you shut off the power and don’t continue to use it.


We do not recommend that you attempt complex repairs on your own. Water and electricity go together like vinegar and sugar. Except, in this case, the consequences can be much more damaging and severe. Simple repairs, like cleaning a drainage pipe or a filter are easy to do and relatively safe. Any more complex than that then you need to call in the pros. Our professionals have years of experience under their belt and can help you take the proper next steps in getting your dishwasher up and running.

Our deals are easy on your wallet and we will help you keep your dishwasher running for years to come.